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Lab Report 1 - Research Proposal - Memory and Callosotomies

Lab Report 1 - Research Proposal - Memory and Callosotomies...

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Brooke Leithiser ID# 103-717-112 Life Sciences 2 Section 1O TA: Anna Frid October 6, 2009 Memory and Callosotomies Introduction “Memory deficits are the most prominent neuropsychological complaint among people with epilepsy” (p. 1). The attached article explores the effects of epilepsy upon memory and attention. It focuses mainly on the correlation between attention and memory – pointing out that little research has been conducted in this area and it is not unreasonable to see attention problems as part of the cause for memory impairment in epilepsy patients – specifically patients with early onset epilepsy who have meager control over their seizures. One of the study’s findings was that “[l]ateralization of seizure focus may in fact impact children’s memory in a manner . . . material- specific to the hemisphere involved” (p. 4). This paper proposes a study that would determine how patients who no longer have communication between their hemispheres (who have had a callosotomy) are affected by memory – i.e. is it material-specific to the hemisphere involved as
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