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PRACTICE QUESTIONS FOR EXAM 2 Fill in the Blanks. There is a lot of new vocabulary in the questions below. It would be really easy to put it into paragraph format and ask for key words like in the last question of midterm 1. 1. Describe the path of a photon of light as it travels from the outside of the body through the eye to the visual cortex in the brain. 2. Describe what happens as a sound wave is collected by the ear. How does the ear turn vibrations in the air into electrical impulses that can be sent to the brain? 3. Describe how the body protects itself against pathogens around us. 4. How does the body get rid of an infection? Please name all the key players involved. To be fair, we would have to specify bacterial (humoral) or virus (intracellular). Practice both. Short Answer Questions: Which germ layer did the follow tissue come from? 1. Brainstem__________________________________ 2. Biceps_____________________________________ 3. Skin ______________________________________ 4. Lining of stomach____________________________
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