Bio113 Study Guide Chap11-12

Bio113 Study Guide Chap11-12 - Chapter 12 Mitosis (division...

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Chapter 11 Cell communication • Mediates community effects and mating in single celled organisms • Key to development and function of multicellular organisms • Signal molecules, their receptors, and the components of signal transduction pathways are highly conserved 3 stages • Signal reception – Learn the different signals and their receptors (G-protein linked, tyrosine kinase, ligand gated ion channel) – Conformational changes in the receptor in response to the ligand are important for triggering events inside the cell • Signal transduction – Cascade of events in the cell • Phosphorylation by a series of kinases • The role of second messengers • Signal amplification • Cell response – Changes in the cytoplasm (cell shape) – Changes in the nucleus (gene expression) – Specificity of response depends on other factors (the proteins also present in the cell)
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 12 Mitosis (division of the nucleus) • mitosis is involved in cell divisions that increase cell number for reproduction (single celled organisms), growth and repair • the cells before and after mitosis are genetically identical • review the stages of mitosis by drawing diagrams • review the experiment that showed how the spindle moves cells to the poles Regulation of the Cell Cycle • know the phases [G1, (G0) S, G2, M] and checkpoints • internal control – MPF (cyclin and CDK) • cyclin levels vary during the cell cycle • cyclin dependent kinase (cdk) levels are constant • MPF is a complex of cyclin and cdk that promote mitosis – APC • causes sister chromatids to ‘unzip’ • external control – growth factors • cancer – often involves abnormalities of the cell cycle – properties of cancer cells...
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Bio113 Study Guide Chap11-12 - Chapter 12 Mitosis (division...

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