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1 PATH TO THE HUMAN GRADE HOMINOID-HOMINID STAGE Early Hominids Australopithecines EVOLUTION OF THE GENUS HOMO Homo habilis Homo erectus EMERGENCE OF HOMO SAPIENS Archaic Homo sapiens Anatomically Modern H. sapiens HOMO SAPIENS IN THE NEW WORLD The peopling of the New World HYPOTHESIS ROOTS OF HOMO SAPIENS Recent African Origin Regional Evolution 3. Australopithecines: Diet and Dental Evolution •Canine Size and Shape of Mandible & Jaws •Size of the Incisors •Size of the Molars •Size of the Mandible •Dental Microwear •Teeth and Type of Food •Diet Associated Dental Evolutionary Trends Australopithecines: Diet and Dental Evolution Gorilla Australopithecine Homo sapien
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2 Components of the upper maxilla and jaw. Mandibular Robusticity Index Mandibular Robusticity Index (%) = (width of corpus, mm /corpus height, mm)x100 Australopithecines: Diet and Dental Evolution. A. afarensis, A. africanus & specially A. robustus & A. boisei had thicker &
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9b.+Early+Hominoid-Hominid+Diet.ppt+[Read-Only] - PATH TO...

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