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Text Anxiety Questionnaire Never Rarely Sometimes Often Always 1 2 3 4 5 _5__ I have visible signs of nervousness such as sweaty palms, shaky hands, and so on right before a test. _5__ I have "butterflies" in my stomach before a test. _5__ I feel nauseated before a test. _1__ I read through the test and feel that I do not know any of the answers. _5__ I panic before and during a test. _1__ My mind goes blank during a test. _5__ I remember the information that I blanked on once I get out of the testing situation. _5__ I have trouble sleeping the night before a test. _5__ I make mistakes on easy questions or put answers in the wrong places. _5__ I have difficulty choosing answers.
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Unformatted text preview: Now add up your score on all the statements. Scores will range from 10 to 50. A low score (10-19 points) indicates that you do not suffer from test anxiety. In fact, if your score was extremely low (close to 10), a little more anxiety may be healthy to keep you focused and to get your blood flowing during exams. Scores between 20 and 35 indicate that, although you exhibit some of the characteristics of test anxiety, the level of stress and tension is probably healthy. Scores over 35 suggest that you are experiencing an unhealthy level of test anxiety. You should evaluate the reason(s) for the distress and identify strategies for compensating....
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