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3.2 - Study Habits Questionnaire 1 For each of the...

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Study Habits Questionnaire # 1 For each of the following questions, consider how often you do each of the activities. Rate the amount of time spent on each activity on a scale from one to four, as indicated below. 1 2 3 4 Almost never Less than half the time More than half the time Almost always __4__ Do you study outside of class each day? __4__ Do you keep up to date in your assignments? __4__ Do you review regularly what was covered in each course? __4__ Do you write down all assignments for each class in a special section of the notebook? __1__ Do you survey a chapter (check the headings, introduction, and summary) before reading it in detail? __4__ As you read an assignment, do you have in mind questions that you are actually trying to answer? __4__ Do you try to get the meaning of important new terms as you read the chapter? __1__ Do you recite to yourself at the end of each section of the chapter? __4__ Do you keep a well-organized notebook with sections for assignments, vocabulary, and lecture notes? __4__ Do you keep a calendar for listing the due dates of major assignments?
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