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Crittenden, John J.

Crittenden, John J. - Yes that’s right,” he said...

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John Crittenden looked at me with a hard, stern look. He looked as if he was in pain or  so angry that he was on the verge of shooting a trollop in the face. I feared for my life as I  looked across the table into his blood-lusty eyes. I was ready to get out of this room as soon as  possible. “Mr. Crit-ten-den?” I asked, my voice cracking due to the hysteria of fright raging  through my veins. “Yes?” he asked as if he didn’t know why had been summoned. “I have called you in for questioning due to the surprisingly death of President Taylor.  When were you born?” I asked. “September 10, 1786” he replied. ‘Wow! He’s an old little grandpa,’ I thought to myself. He began to look at me funny, so I  tried to keeping going with the interrogation, “As I understand, you served twice as the United  States Attorney General.”
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Unformatted text preview: Yes that’s right,” he said smiling. He had the ugliest and yellow-colored teeth I had ever seen. I thought I was going to regurgitate! “And, it is also to my understanding that you gave your support to Taylor, so he would win against Henry Clay in Kentucky,” I continued. “That’s correct,” he stated. “Well obviously you’re innocent. I see no need in wasting any more of your time. Thank you,” I said running out of the door as quickly as possible. I still had two more suspects, and I wanted to hurry up and erase the image of that foul looking man out of my head. Plus, there was no evidence that would support Crittenden had killed President Taylor except for the fact that Taylor was the first president to not have a held any previous office, but that would never convince a jury....
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