Hayne, Robert

Hayne, Robert - “Wasn’t Mr Webster part of the Whig...

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I looked at Robert Hayne’s background information, as I entered the room. He was born in South Carolina in 1791, and he had become a prominent lawyer. “So, Mr. Hayne, I see that you are a state’s rightist.” “Yes I believe that national government often becomes corrupted by greedy individuals,” he said. “Would you consider yourself as a radical?” I asked. “I would say that I have strong opinions,” he replied. “I see. Well Mr. Hayne, I’ve called you here to ask you about President Taylor’s death. I understand that you and Daniel Webster had a debate. Is that correct?” I asked. “Yes that is correct,” he responded, while he gritted his teeth. “Are you okay, Mr. Hayne? You seem a little upset by Daniel Webster’s name.” “No. I just…bad memories. That’s all,” he said, as if he was a little scatter-brained.
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Unformatted text preview: “Wasn’t Mr. Webster part of the Whig party?” “I suppose,” he said. I thought his teeth were about to shatter to a million pieces. “Did you know that President Taylor was the first president elected from the Whig party?” I continued. I had caught him in my little trap. SNAP! “Yes. I was very much aware.” “Thank you, Mr. Hayne. I will be contacting you later on today,” I said, and I walked out the door quickly. So, Mr. Hayne had killed President Taylor because of his stupid little debate with Webster. A jury would be very easy to convince. Now, it’s time for my final suspect, and I’m very interested in how this last suspect is going to act....
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Hayne, Robert - “Wasn’t Mr Webster part of the Whig...

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