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A Letter Home Summary

A Letter Home Summary - In the spring of 1851 Elijah his...

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In the spring of 1851, Elijah, his wife, Lucia, and their four children, Richard, George, John, and Helen, left their home in Findlay, Ohio, and headed west for the Oregon Territory. They rode with 14 other wagons filled with emigrants wanting to start a better life in the Oregon Territory. Along their path, they discovered many conflicts, but overcame each and every one of them. Lucia documented all of the family’s obstacles that had to be faced. For example, their youngest son had been riding with Edwin Fellows. One day, the oxen had been given a fright, so their son, John, was thrown underneath the wagon and was killed. The Williams family had to turn around when they heard of their son’s death because they were 2 miles ahead of Edwin and John. They buried him by the roadside about ½ mile before they crossed the Fontonelle, a little stream. They covered his grave with stones to protect it from wild beasts, and a board with his name and age. Also, their youngest child, Helen, had been sick for a long time.
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