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Unformatted text preview: 425-443; 446-469 American L iteratu re (1820 – 1865) T H E L I T ERARY H E R I TAGE OF T H E YOUNG REPUBL IC • • • • Educated Americans familiar with Greek & Roman history & Euro history & l i terature Edward Taylor’s poems o Unpublished Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography o Available in incomplete texts Cotton Mather’s M agnalia Christi Americana o Printed in London in 1702 o 1st p rinted in US in small edition @Hartford in 1820 Not generally available until 1853 Educated Am boys (some girls) o Learned Greek & Latin li terature in childhood Epics, t ragedies, comedies, pastoral poems, histories, satires Northerners & Southerners o Br it ish Spenser’s T he Faerie Queene Shakespeare’s plays Mi lton’s Paradise ( lost) Essays by Joseph Addison, Richard Steele, Samuel Johnson, & Oliver Goldsmith Neglected: Pope’s T he Dunciad , James Thomson’s T he Seasons, & Goldsmith’s T he Deserted Vil lage o North John Bunyan’s P ilgrim’s Progress South’s ancestors belonged to C of E News t raveled by ships or steamers o Any book or magazine be republished a month or less after appearance in London Boston, NY, Philly, & Charleston Poetry o Robert Burns (Scot) o Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Moore, Shelley, & Keats (Eng Romantics) o Tennyson, Elizabeth Barrett, & Robert Browning – reprinted in US a lmost as soon as they appeared in Eng o • • • • ...
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