11.18.09 Theater Notes

11.18.09 Theater Notes - Review Pre-colonial o o Oral...

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Review Pre-colonial o Oral tradition o Not even really necessarily theater Colonial Theater o Build traditional theaters for audiences can watch o Bringing over European plays to be done o Adapting European plays Post-Colonial Theater o Often Political o Own language performed Wole Soyinka? o From Nigeria o Significance First African to win Nobel Prize in Literature Wrote in indigenous language o Athol Fugard Acted with Black actors, White playwright Who is Augusto Boal o Thought Theater could be a form of activism to change your situation o Theater is a weapon against the oppression Image Theater Forum Theater Take a problem at the university and how would it be with image theater American Theater – Dr. Nathan
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Problem with American Theater – don’t always associate it as American Anti-Theater in Puritan and Quaker colonies o Theater immediately made illegal, theater and it’s naughtiness has no place here o Puritan Philip Stubbes writes that plays are “sucked out of the Devills teats to nourish us in yodlish….” Sentiment in Colonies\ First playhouse in British North America – build in Williamsburg in 1716 by William Levingston o About building a connection with home o Theater being used to create a connection to Britain National Stand on Theater – First Continental Congress October 1774 o Why would you ban theater? Plays are british plays, we’re using them to feel linked to Britain, now we need cut those ties o
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11.18.09 Theater Notes - Review Pre-colonial o o Oral...

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