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DATE: Auguste 31st, 2009 NO.30 TEL: +81-076-2375133 / EMAIL: export@kaiho.co.jp / WEB: http://www.kaiho.co.jp / EC PLAZA: http://kaihosangyo.en.ecplaza.net/ Hello, how are you? How is the weather in your country? In our city, it is very changeable now and we are easy to get cold. Please be careful everyone! This is a report in the first half of the year. You may not be surprised, but the number of used car export has extremely decreased in Japan. According to “Foreign trade statistics” by Ministry of finance, the number of used car export Japan is 287,989 cars in the first half. It is about 60 percent decrease compared with
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Unformatted text preview: corresponding period last year. What is the reason? We believe it is not only one but the biggest reason will be the Russian situation. We have been exporting to Russia overwhelmingly number of goods, however The ranking according to area and country, Russia is ranked No. 3 at the moment. Seeing a report from each port belonging Japanese Sea, the exportation to Russia is decreased sharply, too. This situation will not be better unless Russian policy is changed. It is United Arab Emirates which is ranked No.1 which has imported from Japan most. (REF: METAL RECYCLING JAPAN)...
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