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TO: Junior Associate FROM: Senior Partner RE: Copyright Problem DATE: Fall 2009 You have just started a summer job at a small law firm in New York City that specializes in litigation. Jodie Rivera a/k/a the “VenetianPrincess” (VP) has come to the firm with a problem. The facts of VP's problem are as follows: First, everyone knows Britney Spears. She started out her career in show business as a “Mousketeer,” along with future pop stars Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera, and Academy Award-nominated actor, Ryan Gosling. Thereafter, Britney released two albums that were huge sellers, which established her as a teen pop phenomenon. Her third album did not do as well but still debuted as the Number One seller the week it was released. Britney also tried her hand at acting but her performance was not well received. As was well documented in the press, Britney’s personal life did not go as well as her professional one. She had a very brief marriage to a childhood friend that ended in an immediate annulment. Later, that same year, she became engaged to, and subsequently married, Kevin Federline. The marriage resulted in two children. Britney and Kevin subsequently divorced. Britney’s behavior spiraled downward. There were many incidents of bizarre acts and stays at rehabilitation facilities. Britney ultimately lost physical custody of her two children. In January of 2008, Britney refused to relinquish custody of the children to her ex-husband. Police were called and she was held for psychiatric evaluation. As a result, Britney’s visitation rights were suspended. Britney’s father was appointed a co- conservator, giving him complete control of her assets. Fortunately for Britney, things have greatly improved in both her personal and professional life. The bad influences have been banished. More importantly, Britney released her album “Circus” and its first single, “Womanizer” in September, 2008. Britney has followed the release of this album with a very successful world tour. The lyrics to Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” is attached as Exhibit Two. “VenetianPrincess” has become famous for her videos on YouTube.
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Final_Exam_Memo_Assignment - TO: FROM: RE: DATE: Junior...

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