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310MSp09Exam2ChecklistTTh - CH 310M/318M(53165/53325 TTh...

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CH 310M/318M (53165/53325) Dr. Brian M. Bocknack TTh 8:00–9:30 a.m. Spring 2009 Midterm Exam #2 Information/Study Checklist Exam Day/Time: Thursday, 3/26/2009, 7:00–9:00 p.m. Exam Location: Room assignments are based on the section of 310M/318M in which you are officially enrolled, and the first letter(s) of your last name. MWF 9am TTh 8am A–P BUR 106 A–Z UTC 2.112A Q–Z WEL 3.502 Assigned seating will be used during the exam. Seat assignments will be posted in the Blackboard grade center during the evening on Monday, 3/23. YOU MUST CHECK BLACKBOARD FOR YOUR SEAT ASSIGNMENT PRIOR TO THE EXAM!!! You must take the exam in your assigned room, and in your assigned seat! Conflict Exam: Students who signed up to take the second exam at an earlier time will receive e- mail with further instructions during the evening on Monday, 3/23. The deadline to sign up for the conflict exam was Friday, February 6. It will not be possible to take the exam early if you did not sign up to do so before this deadline!!! General Exam Policies and Procedures: The exam will be closed book. No notes, books, calculators, or molecular models will be allowed. Scratch paper will be provided as part of the Part I handout, as will a periodic table and a table of pK a values. The periodic table will include numerical electronegativity values. Look at Midterm Exam #2 from Spring 2008 or Fall 2008 (posted in Blackboard) to see the format of this semester’s exam. The exam will be comprised of two distinct parts, which will be provided as two separate handouts. o Part I will consist of a series of multiple choice questions. Your answers to these questions must be submitted on a Scantron “bubble” sheet. You must use a #2 pencil to mark your answers on the bubble sheet! The answer sheet will be provided for you, but you will need to bring your own #2 pencil(s) to the exam. Bring several pencils with you to the exam – we will not have extra pencils available for you to use! Only answers marked on the bubble sheet will be graded! Unless you are taking the exam early, you WILL NOT be turning in the part of the exam that contains the Part I questions, so there will be no way for us to grade answers that you mark on the exam form itself!!! Unless otherwise indicated, there will be one choice per question that is entirely correct, for which full credit will be given. On some of the Part I questions, however, you may be able to earn “partial credit” if you pick a choice that is not entirely correct, but which has some merit. No regrades will be possible on Part I of the exam. o Part II will consist of questions for which you will need to write out your answers, using structures and/or words. This part of the exam will be hand-graded by the TA’s. Answers for the Part II questions that are written in pencil or in pencil with ink overlay will not eligible for regrades . If you use a pen to answer the Part II questions, only blue or black ink is acceptable.
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