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Noel Mejia SOCI 131 November 11, 2009 Browni Key concepts: Territoriality- “an individual’s behavioral expression of his or her feelings of ownership toward a physical or social object.” (Brown, 578) Identity-oriented marking- “is the deliberate decoration or modification of an environment by its occupants to reflect their identities.” (Brown, 581) Control-oriented marking - “marking an organizational object with symbols that are not personalized but that communicate the boundaries of a territory and who has psychological ownership over it” (Brown, 582) Anticipatory defenses- “actions by organizational members that are noncommunicative in nature, taken prior to an infringement with the purpose of thwarting infringement actions taken by others” (Brown, 583) Discussion questions: What are the psychological underpinnings of territoriality? Territoriality involves actions which individuals take in order to prevent others’ access to objects which the individual expressing territoriality
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Unformatted text preview: claims. This does not just simply involve feelings of ownership, but rather the actions taken to maintain that ownership in the eyes of others. Why are workers in cubicles highly likely to personalize their spaces? They do this in order to lay claim to a personal area. Also, the need to express oneself causes people to sometimes personalize cubicles. What is the function of putting your name on your office door? Because they are used as markers to display to others that this is that person’s personal area. Basically, to claim personal territory. How can territorial behavior affect workers’ sense of organizational commitment? Territoriality and personalization can motivate workers, and it helps to create better employee relationships. When someone lays claim to something, they are more likely to value and nurture it....
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