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Economist (10-26)

Economist (10-26) - Noel Mejia SOCI 131 Economist Wylie Key...

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Noel Mejia SOCI 131 October 26, 2009 Economist & Wylie Key concepts: Nomadism- “nomadism combines the autonomy of telecommuting with the mobility that allows a gregarious and flexible work style.” (Economist, 6) Hotdesking- “a programme called "open work" in which employees have no dedicated desk but work from any that is available, or do not come into the office at all.” (Economist, 6) Discussion questions: Under what conditions is nomadism feasible (i.e., what kinds of workers and workplaces tend to be mobile)? In the reading, I noticed that the only time that nomadic work styles negatively affected the people that work in this way was when a family was involved. The only issues that arose were when this type of career interfered with family leisure time. This type of work seems ideal for young individuals whose priority in life is their career; especially single workers who do not have any kind of family responsibilities.
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