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Greenberg (11-18)

Greenberg (11-18) - Those who did receive an adequate...

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Noel Mejia SOCI 131 November 18, 2009 Greenberg Key concepts: Reciprocal deviance- “ employees' perceptions that their employers defaulted on their obligations to them, thereby encouraging them to respond with similar acts of deviance.” (Greenberg, 561) Procedural justice-“ perceptions of fair treatment and outcomes depend not only on the relative level of one^ outcomes but also on the explanations given for those outcomes” (Greenberg, 561) Adequate explanation -“ ones that relied on complete, accurate information presented in a socially sensitive manner.” (Greenberg, 562) Discussion questions: Compared to the plant in which there was no pay cut, what were the theft rates at the plants that received (1) an adequate explanation for the pay cut and (2) an inadequate explanation? (you don’t need specific numbers) The plant that did not receive an adequate explanation of the pay cut experienced higher levels of pilferage among their employees.
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Unformatted text preview: Those who did receive an adequate explanation experienced lower levels of pilferage from their employees compared to the plant that didn’t provide an adequate explanation, and the levels were about the same when compared to the plant that didn’t experience any pay cut. Of the three groups, which group had the highest perception of pay inequity? The group which did not receive an adequate explanation for their pay cuts. Why does an adequate explanation reduce theft (as compared to an inadequate explanation or no explanation at all)? An adequate and sincere explanation demonstrates the company’s sympathy with their employees during harsh times such as periods of pay cuts. Employees who do not receive an adequate explanation experience inequity from their company which causes theft rates to rise in order to compensate for their reduction in income....
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