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Litzky (11-13)

Litzky (11-13) - their peers can cause new employees to...

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Noel Mejia Reading Response (11-13-09) Litzky Key concepts: Deviance- “ is a voluntary behavior that violates the norms of an organization, which may ultimately threaten the well-being of the organization, its employees, or both” (Litzky, 92) Production deviance-“ Production deviance occurs when employees violate the standards of quality and quantity when producing a good or service.” (Litzky, 92) Political deviance-“ Political deviance occurs when employees exhibit favoritism for certain stakeholders.” (Litzky, 92) Property deviance- “ Property deviance involves the acquisition or destruction of company property without company approval.” (Litzky, 92) Personal aggression- “ Personal aggression involves hostile or aggressive behavior.” (Litzky, 93) Discussion questions: How do social pressures to conform impact deviance? Workers or managers who are long-time employees may project their deviant behavior to observant new employees; therefore, their imitation of
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Unformatted text preview: their peers can cause new employees to inherit the deviant behaviors of the senior employees. Do close supervision and surveillance reduce deviance? Why or why not? In certain cases, this is what is needed in order to reduce deviance when the cause of it is too little surveillance, but when employees are observed too intense, then they can retaliate to this invasion of personal space by adopting deviant behavior. What types of workers are most likely to engage in deviant behaviors and why? Honest employees are the ones who are most likely to engage in deviant behavior because they can get away with it as a result of not having a deviant background. Under what conditions do the most severe deviant acts occur? Deviant acts seem to be more severe in situations where employees’ trust is violated...
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