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Noel Mejia SOCI 131 October 29, 2009 Messner Key concepts: Field- “spaces of objective relations that are the site of a logic and a necessity that are specific and irreducible to those that regulate other fields.” (Messner, 459) Habitus- “consists of a set of historical relations “deposited” within individual bodies in the form of mental and corporeal schemata of perception, appreciation and action” (Messner, 459) Discussion questions: On page 427, Messner states that “race and gender biases on the part of students…tended to place faculty of color and/or women faculty at a disadvantage.” What is this disadvantage? The disadvantage is that these gender and racial groups tend to sound bias when teaching about a subject which they are somehow related to (a woman instructor teaching gender relations, and an instructor of color teaching race relations). This characteristic of these minorities makes their teachings seem subjective which is something that is not perceived by students towards white male professors.
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