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Pierce (11-2)

Pierce (11-2) - professional role and at the same time...

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Pierce Key concepts: Token- women conform to male norms of the legal profession ” (Pierce, 137) Strategic friendliness - “rather than concern, ben’s friendliness exemplifies a form of manipulation…intimidation strategy” (Pierce, 130) Adversarial model - “men as a group were more likely to follow the dictates of the adversarial model and to refrain from developing social relationships with support staff. On the other hand, women were less likely to embrace the adversarial model wholeheartedly, instead performing a relational form of emotional labor emphasizing a caring orientation toward others” (Pierce, 122) Ethic of care- “some omen lawyers “split” the lawyering role by living up to the demands of the
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Unformatted text preview: professional role and, at the same time, maintaining their personal caring morality” (Pierce, 127) Discussion questions: How are women lawyers reminded by men at the law firm that they do not fit in? (3 answers) At the law firms Pierce studies, women had difficulty bringing in clients. Was this problem exclusive to women? Pierce states that, “Unlike male attorneys, women encounter a double bind in the aggressive component of emotional labor.” (p. 113) What is this double bind? What strategies do women use to resolve conflicting role expectations?...
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