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Final exam vocab - Final Exam List of Critical Terms...

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Final Exam List of Critical Terms Absurd- that which is devoid of purpose, cut off from his religious, metaphysical, and transcendental roots, man is lost; all his actions become senseless, absurd, useless…defined by Albert Camus in myth of sisyphus (came up with the idea of theatre of the absurd) Agitprop- short for Agitation-Propaganda, the term was coined by Erwin Piscator. This term is synonymous with Docudrama Alienation effect/ Verfremdungseffkt- A technique that reminds the audience that the characters on stage are dramatic constructs, not real people suffering real emotions. It gets rid of the hypnotic and magical aspects of theatre. This was a style of acting thought up by Bertolt Brecht. The German term has been variously translated as "alienation effect", "defamiliarization effect", or "estrangement effect". It is the opposite of the suspension of disbelief Catharsis - a Greek word meaning "purification", "cleansing" or "clarification." Character- 1. What does the playwright tell us in the stage directions? 2. What other characters say or what does the character say about himself/herself. 3. What are the relationships between the characters in the play? 4. What are the character s objectives? -First look for the character’s main objective. -objectives should be directed towards someone else, not one’s self. -Use this phrase to define the use of secondary objectives. i want to [verb] in order to [statement of purpose] Climactic structure- one quest, one plot line, late point of attack Climax- is a point of greatest intensity or force in an ascending series Comedy- a satirical play Conflict- A play should be a continuous battle between the main character's desires and what he or she actually gets, these obstacles can be internal or external Docudrama- This is a type of theatre in which factual documents are used to produce a play that reflects current social and political events of the time to be examined.
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Final exam vocab - Final Exam List of Critical Terms...

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