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September 26 RQ - Name Noel Mejia Soci 130 FA 2008...

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Name: Noel Mejia Soci 130 FA 2008 September 26 Reading Questions Chapter 4 (pp. 111-123): 1. a. What two factors have contributed to economic restructuring, and how? Technological change has caused computers to replace some jobs that were once man powered…and outsourcing has taken jobs away from Americans and given them to people in other countries for a much lower pay b. How has economic restructuring affected the wages of people with more and with less education? People with less education have found themselves in difficulty of being employed, and people with more education have been able to find more jobs and better paying jobs 2. Explain how the increase in employment of middle-class wives has affected income inequality. In the past, women in the workforce were those who were less well off financially and needed to work to support themselves and their families, but middle class wives in the workforce with husbands who already earn a salary just add to the families total income which increases the inequality of this distribution of wealth 3.
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September 26 RQ - Name Noel Mejia Soci 130 FA 2008...

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