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Soci 130 FA 2008 August 25 Reading Questions Chapter 1 (pp. 16-31): 1. a. How, according to Cherlin, are sociologists limited in their ability to use the scientific method? surveys and field data do not have a control group to prove that the independent variable is the cause of the effect being observed b. Do you think that this makes sociology less of a ‘science,’ compared to disciplines like biology and chemistry? Why? Yes, because many sociological theories are made through assumptions that cannot be proven scientifically 2. In your own words, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the following types of studies: a. Survey study- many subjects to survey makes this a good resources but the validity of their responses makes it unreliable sometimes b. Observational study- the subjects provide much information and detail, but 3. a. In your own words, describe the functionalist perspective. Focuses on the functions and purposes of families within a society b. What do you think sociologists mean when they say a family is functional? What
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Unformatted text preview: do they mean when they say a family is dysfunctional? Functional-when a family cooperates and helps one another Dysfunctional-when a family does not cooperate or try to help one another 4. a. In your own words, describe the feminist perspective. Tries to explain how the female role is a cultural invention and how that ideology has influenced the female role of the family b. What is the goal of feminist theorists? to open up society’s eyes about the issue of gender roles being a cultural construction 5. Cherlin uses seven perspectives of sociological theory to explain how families work. Which one do you think best explains families? Why? Modernity theory, I believe this best describes the role of the family in society because I believe in the idea of family being a cultural construction and the way the family functions is determined by the society it exist in. 1...
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