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Midterm terms - 1. Identify/state definitions of the...

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1. Identify/state definitions of the following terms: 1) breadwinner-homemaker family- a married couple with children in which the father works for pay and the mother does not 2) monogamy- a marriage system in which people are allowed only one spouse 3) polygamy- a marriage system in which men or women are allowed to have more than one spouse 4) public good- things that may be enjoyed by people who do not themselves produce them 5) free-rider problem- the tendency for people to obtain public goods by letting others do the work of producing them-metaphorically, the temptation to ride free on the backs of others 6) public family- one adult, or two adults who are related by marriage, partnership, or shared parenthood, who is/are taking care of dependants, and the dependants themselves 7) private family- two or more individuals who maintain an intimate relationship that they expect will last indefinitely-or in the case of parent and child, until the child reaches adulthood-and who live in the same household and pool their income and household labor 8) created kinship- kinship ties that people have to construct actively 9) assigned kinship- kinship ties that people more or less automatically acquire when they are born or when they marry 10) objectivity- the ability to draw conclusions about a social situation that are unaffected by someone’s own believes 11) scientific method- a systematic, organized series of steps that ensures maximum objectivity and consistency in researching a problem 12) hypothesis- a speculative statement about the relationship between two or more factors 13) survey- a study in which individuals from a geographic area are selected, usually at random, and asked a fixed set of questions 14) observational study- self explanitory 1
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15) social institution- a set of roles and rules/norms that define a social unit of importance to society 16) social role- a pattern of behaviors associated with a position in society
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Midterm terms - 1. Identify/state definitions of the...

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