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Name: Soci 130 FA 2008 November 7 Reading Questions Stone (pp. 60-154): 1. a. What are some ways that the women interviewed deferred to their husbands? It seemed that the husband’s career goals and prospects held precedence over their wives’ career goals. Women sometimes supported the husbands education while they cared for the children and most people that had to move around because of school or jobs did so because it was the husbands reasons to move and not the wife’s b. What does Stone mean when she says, ‘“It’s your choice” was code for “It’s your problem?’” when men say that they are supportive in whatever the woman decides to do with her career, they are really giving them “permission” to quit their jobs; in this view, men are not necessarily being supportive, they are just putting all of the responsibility of parenthood on the women’s shoulders 2. What are the characteristics of the ideal worker? One who is not hindered by demands outside the workplace such as family and relationships; an ideal worker is someone
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