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Soci 130 FA 2008 September 3 Reading Questions Austin 1992: 1. In what ways were American families in the 1950s different from those on television at the time? Even at the peak of the “ideal family” time frame in the U.S., 2/3 of the families in the united states did not fit that mold, there were many working mothers 2. Austin says that we continue to use examples such as Ozzie and Harriet as the standard for families. a. Do you agree? Why? I believe that we still have that ideal standard expectation for all families, but in this new millennium, we are more tolerate of different family types b. What do you think are the consequences of using these examples as the standard? It makes us ignorant of the majority of families who do not fit this mold and who are unfortunately not eligible to receive some government benefits because of it 3. Were you surprised to learn that in the 1950s families on television differed from real families at the time? How did you react to this information?
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