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September 24 RQ

September 24 RQ - Name Noel Mejia Soci 130 FA 2008...

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Name: Noel Mejia Soci 130 FA 2008 September 24 Reading Questions Chapter 3 (pp. 94-107): 1. In your own words, define sex-gender system. The unequal division of labor between men and women due to the sex of an individual, which favors male dominance. 2. In your own words, describe the ways that inequalities between women and men benefit capitalists. Women generally get paid less for doing jobs that are equally demanding as those of men; since women get paid less, capitalists can exploit this and pay lower wages to their workers by hiring women instead of men 3. What differences and similarities are there in gender inequality in socialist versus capitalist countries? Although women are recognized and respected in a socialist society, their oppression is still present in that these societies still pay women less and they still expect women to do most of the household jobs 4. Do you think the earnings gap between women and men is due more to women’s choices or to discrimination? Why?
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