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Capacity Management ITIL CMM Assessment Page 1 of 7 Assumed process conditions: The Capacity Management process is needed to support the optimum and cost-effective provision of IT services by helping organizations to match their IT resources to the demands of the business. It is concerned with having the appropriate IT capacity and with making the best use of it, and is a key enabler for business success. The demand for IT resources is based on agreeing with users of IT services the level to which those services will be delivered, based on business requirements and detailed within service level agreements (SLAs). Capacity Management The customer's needs are assessed by forecasting the likely growth in demand for current services and by sizing new service elements. The desired service levels required can then be agreed with service users, based on business needs. The sub-processes associated with capacity management are concerned with forecasting workload, sizing applications, and maintaining a Capacity Plan in order to meet existing and future needs. The Capacity Plan provides the necessary information on current and planned resource utilization to enable organizations to confidently decide what to upgrade and when, and how much that upgrade will cost. The scope of Capacity Management is assumed to be such that the entire technical IT infrastructure is embraced. The infrastructure will include the network and everything that is attached to the network such as servers and access points (terminals and PCs). The scope of the process should include both operational and development environments. Propoint Solutions, Inc. Source: ITIL related materials owned by the Office of Government Commerce OGC
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Capacity Management ITIL CMM Assessment Page 2 of 7 Level 1 Prerequisites Yes No Observations/Gaps Are at least some capacity management activities established within the organization, e.g. monitoring of usage and performance, capacity planning, sizing of service elements etc? GM Circuit utilization, systems utilization, disk utilization Are capacity management activities assigned to specific individuals or functional areas? G within functional areas Are monitors/measures available for hardware, software, networking & peripherals and does Capacity Management have access to them?
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CMM_capacityUofU - Capacity Management ITIL CMM Assessment...

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