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Change Management ITIL CMM Assessment Page 1 of 6 Better change management practices include: facilitating the introduction of all types of changes via simple, clear and effective procedures and tools across the various environments advancing changes on the basis of sound business and technological cases assessing all changes for impact on the business and IT assets providing a framework within which those initiating changes will retain accountability for the actual work content supporting project management and coordination ensuring the feasibility of all proposed changes preventing the introduction of changes which represent an unacceptable risk to the reliable delivery of services preventing the introduction of unauthorized changes Change management assumption: Change Management The scope of change management is assumed to be such that all changes to registered configuration items, including: hardware and software products and versions used in the provision of IT services, and the inclusion of new items into the live environments, will be subject to change control procedures. Theses would include hardware, communications equipment, system software, applications software, together with all documentation and procedures associated with the running, support and maintenance of live systems. The purpose of change management is to ensure that potential changes to IT service components are reviewed in terms of their effectiveness to meet business requirements, and that their impact on service quality is minimized. Change Management is best implemented concurrently with Configuration Management. Propoint Solutions, Inc. Source: ITIL related materials owned by the Office of Government Commerce OGC
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Change Management ITIL CMM Assessment Page 2 of 6 Level 1 Prerequisites - Change Management Yes No Observations/Gaps Are at least some change management activities established in the organization, e.g. logging of change requests, change assessments, change planning, change implementation reviews?
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CMM_ChangeUofU - Change Management ITIL CMM Assessment...

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