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Financial Mgt of IT Services ITIL CMM Assessment Page 1 of 7 Budgeting enables an organization to: ± Predict the money required to run IT Services for a given period ± Ensure that actual spending can be compared with predicted spending at any point ± Reduce the risk of overspending ± Ensure that revenues are available to cover predicted spending (where charging is in place) IT Accounting enables an organization to: ± Account for the money spent in providing IT Services ± Calculate the cost of providing IT Services to both internal and external customers ± Perform cost-benefit or Return-on-Investment analyses ± Identify the cost of changes Charging enables an organization to: ± Recover the costs of the IT Services from the customer of the service ± Operate the IT organization as a business unit (if required) ± Influence user and customer behaviors Financial management for IT services is concerned with helping the business to assess whether its IT Service is doing the best it can with the money it has. The business has to understand the true costs of providing a service and manage these costs professionally. Financial Management of IT Services implements IT Accounting and Budgeting processes, and often Charging processes for these IT Services, allocating IT expenditures to services and recovering the costs of those services from the customers to whom they are provided. Financial Management for IT Services The scope of Financial Management of IT Services covers hardware, software, people, accommodation, external services (e.g. outsourced application development), and transfers (e.g. IT Service buying PCs on behalf of a business customer). Propoint Solutions, Inc. Source: ITIL related materials owned by the Office of Government Commerce OGC
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Financial Mgt of IT Services ITIL CMM Assessment Page 2 of 7 Level 1 Prerequisites Yes No Observations/Gaps Are at least some IT financial management activities established within the organization, e.g. cost forecasting, expenditure budgeting, service cost management? GM yes projects, billed services, networks, etc Has the organization set up cost centers for IT Service Delivery ?G Has the organization established financial data recording for workloads, services, hardware and software?
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CMM_FinancialUofU - Financial Mgt of IT Services ITIL CMM...

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