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BUSINESS CONTINUITY AND RECOVERY THE 5 MINUTE ASSESSMENT This is a quick assessment for you to see how far you have got with business continuity and recovery planning YES NO Don’t Know Do you have a business continuity and recovery plan? If yes, have you tested your plan within the last 12 months? Do you have a policy for activating your plan? Do you regularly review and update your plan? Are your staff trained in activating your plan? Is there someone in your organisation who has responsibility for maintaining your plan? Is the plan clearly documented and accessible to staff? Do you have a list of essential personnel including home/mobile telephone numbers?
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Unformatted text preview: Do you have a list of all employees’ details including home/mobile telephone numbers? Do you have vital computer information stored on back up disks held off premises? Do you have fire safety procedures in place? Do you have an alternative building to use in an emergency? Do you have sufficient insurance to pay for disruption to business, cost of repairs, hiring temporary employees, leasing temporary accommodation and equipment? Do you have your insurance company’s details in order to contact them immediately? NOTE: The above issues are examples only, there may be others more specific and relevant to your business ....
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