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Business Continuity Glossary BS 25999-1:2006 has its own list of terms and definitions that pertain to the standard itself and users should pay close attention to them. Like any industry, business continuity management has its own set of jargon, terms, definitions and acronyms. Read on for a consolidated glossary and details of where to find more Each organisation will no doubt have its own terminology and jargon but it is vital that all those participating in the business continuity management process know what each of these mean It is recommended that organisations create their own glossary as part of any business continuity or incident response documentation and users are trained in the correct terminology Although BS25999 specifically excludes emergency management business continuity managers should have some knowledge of the emergency management processes and procedures in place in their country as they will often need to liaise with the emergency services. The glossary below combines business continuity and emergency management terminology from a number of sources {tab=a} ACTION LISTS within a phase of a plan ACTIVATION The implementation of business continuity capabilities, procedures, activities, and plans in response to an emergency or disaster declaration; the execution of the recovery plan ACTIVITY Processes carried out by an organisation, for example Accounts (also see Business Activity) ACCESS OVERLOAD CONTROL (ACCOLC) The ACCess OverLoad Control scheme gives call preference to registered essential users on the four main mobile networks in the UK if the scheme is invoked during an emergency BS25999.COM http://www.bs25999.com Powered by Joomla! Generated: 8 February, 2008, 11:52
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AGREED SERVICE TIME The time during which a particular IS service is agreed to be fully available, ideally as defined in the Service Level Agreement ALERT PHASE activated ALERT Notification that a potential disaster situation is imminent exists or has occurred; usually includes a directive for personnel. To stand by for possible activation ALTERNATE ROUTING The routing of information via another medium should the primary means become unavailable ALTERNATE SITE An alternate operating location to be used by business functions when the primary facilities are inaccessible ALTERNATE WORK AREA Recovery environment complete with necessary infrastructure (desk, telephone, workstation, and associated hardware and equipment, communications, etc) APPLICATION RECOVERY The component of Disaster Recovery that deals specifically with the restoration of business system software and data after the processing platform has been restored or replaced ASSEMBLY AREA The designated area at which employees, visitors, and contractors assemble if evacuated from their building/site
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25991 Glossary - BS25999.COM Business Continuity Glossary...

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