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BCP Part2 Specification - Draft for Public Comment Form 36...

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Date: 31 May 2007 Origin: National Latest date for receipt of comments: 31 JULY 2007 Project no.: 2006/00252 Responsible committee: BCM/1/-/2 Panel 2 Interested committees: BCM/1 and RM/1 Title: Draft BS 25999-2 Business continuity management — Part 2: Specification Please note that Table A.1 will be completed when the draft standard is finalized. Supersession information: If this document is published as a standard, the UK implementation of it will supersede NONE and partially supersede NONE. WARNING: THIS IS A DRAFT AND MUST NOT BE REGARDED OR USED AS A BRITISH STANDARD. THIS DRAFT IS NOT CURRENT BEYOND 31 JULY 2007 . This draft is issued to allow comments from interested parties; all comments will be given consideration prior to publication. No acknowledgement will normally be sent. See overleaf for information on commenting. No copying is allowed, in any form, without prior written permission from BSI except as permitted under the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988 or for circulation within a nominating organization for briefing purposes. Electronic circulation is limited to dissemination by e-mail within such an organization by committee members. Further copies of this draft may be purchased from BSI Customer Services, Tel: +44(0) 20 8996 9001 or email [email protected] . British, International and foreign standards are also available from BSI Customer Services. British Standards on CD or Online are available from British Standards Publishing Sales Limited. Tel: 01344 404409 or email [email protected] . Information on the co-operating organizations represented on the committees referenced above may be obtained from the responsible committee secretary. Cross-references The British Standards which implement International or European publications referred to in this draft may be found via the British Standards Online Service on the BSI web site http://www.bsi-global.com . Direct tel: 020 8996 7085 Responsible Committee Secretary : Mr Kevin Laverty (BSI) E-mail: [email protected] Draft for Public Comment Head Office 389 Chiswick High Road London W4 4AL Telephone: +44(0)20 8996 9000 Fax: +44(0)20 8996 7001 www.bsi-global.com Form 36 DPC: 07/30145272 DC
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2 Introduction Your comments on this draft are welcome and will assist in the preparation of the consequent British Standard. If no comments are received to the contrary, this draft may be implemented unchanged as a British Standard. Submission The guidance given below is intended to ensure that all comments receive efficient and appropriate attention by the responsible BSI committee. Annotated drafts are not acceptable and will be rejected. All comments must be submitted, preferably electronically, to Kevin Laverty at the address given on the front cover. Comments should be compatible with Version 2003 of Microsoft® Word for Windows™, if possible; otherwise comments in ASCII text format are acceptable. Any comments not submitted electronically should still adhere to these format requirements.
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