BS25999 Assesssment - BS 25999-1 Business Continuity...

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BS 25999-1 Business Continuity Assessment Online Confidence in your continuity – A new tool to ensure you’re on the road to good business continuity management Sponsored by
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Business continuity management (BCM) is a business-owned, business- driven process that establishes a strategic and operational framework to: Improve an organization’s resilience to help enable it to achieve its key objectives Provide a rehearsed method of restoring an organization’s critical products, services and suppliers Deliver a proven capability to manage business disruption and protect the organization’s brand and reputation Provide competitive advantage in the marketplace Give organizations the opportunity to strengthen and improve key business processes. The need for effective BCM is now an essential and integral business activity with a variety of drivers: To recover quickly from a crisis To demonstrate to stakeholders, with evidence, that the business is resilient and that it follows best practice To operate through an incident irrespective of the cause or scale To meet legal, regulatory and contractual obligations To meet moral and social responsibilities To meet the growing requirements of insurers to provide evidence of risk management. Why standards? Many businesses find it a significant challenge to determine the adequacy of their existing business continuity programmes. BSI developed and launched the first British Standard on business continuity management, BS 25999-1, to help organizations verify and gain confidence in their BCM programmes. The introduction of this standard meant that organizations were able to start on their journey of developing their BCM procedures and processes in line with a set standard. However, standards can sometimes be daunting. BSI has developed a new online tool to help organizations understand BS 25999-1, and what it means to businesses. NEW ONLINE TOOL BS 25999-1 Business Continuity Assessment Online What it can do for you Provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the principles of business continuity management and the component parts of the standard, BS 25999-1. Give you an appreciation of business continuity plans and their
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BS25999 Assesssment - BS 25999-1 Business Continuity...

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