coping_with_a_major _personal_crisis - WHEN WHERE TO SEEK...

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This Leaflet Has Been Produced To Help People Affected By: TO SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP TO SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP WHEN . .. WHERE . .. Coping With A Major Personal Crisis… INCIDENT ASSISTANCE TEAM 01324 HELPLINE Telephone Number FALKIRK COUNCIL Housing & Social Work Services If you cannot handle intense feelings or body sensations. If you feel that your emotions are not falling into place over a period of time, you feel chronic tension, confusion, emptiness or exhaustion. If you continue to have body symptoms. If after a month you continue to feel numb and empty and do not have the appropriate feelings described. If you have to keep active in order not to feel. If you continue to have nightmares and poor sleep. If you have no person or group with whom to share your emotions and you feel you need to do so. If your relationships seem to be suffering badly, or sexual problems develop. If you have accidents. If you continue to smoke, drink or take drugs to excess since the event. If your work performance suffers. If you note those around you are particularly vulnerable or are not healing satisfactory. If as a helper you are suffering “exhaustion”. REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE BASICALLY THE SAME PERSON THAT YOU WERE BEFORE THE INCIDENT. DO REMEMBER THAT THAT IF YOU SUFFER TOO MUCH OR TOO LONG - HELP IS AVAILABLE. We hope it will also help anyone facing a major personal crisis. Issued by Falkirk Council Housing & Social Work Services, but based on a leaflet produced for Kent Social Services EP/2/1/GE/ML 7 February, 2004
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You may feel bodily sensations with or without the feelings described. Sometimes they are due to the crisis, even if they develop many months after the event. Some common sensations are tiredness, sleeplessness, bad
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coping_with_a_major _personal_crisis - WHEN WHERE TO SEEK...

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