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White Paper Analysis without compromise A A u u t t o o m m a a t t i i n n g g V V i i r r t t u u a a l l i i z z a a t t i i o o n n M M a a n n a a g g e e m m e e n n t t Critical Management Practices for the Next Generation Data Center
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White Paper 2 CA – Automating Virtualization Management © Butler Direct Limited Written by: Roy Illsley Published March 2009 © Butler Direct Limited All rights reserved. This publication, or any part of it, may not be reproduced or adapted, by any method whatsoever, without prior written Butler Direct Limited consent. THE EXPANSION OF X86 VIRTUALIZATION The economics of globalization demand that organizations adapt business models and working practices more rapidly than previous paradigm shifts have required, which can be summarized by the need to be more responsive, more agile, and more cost effective. The role of IT is now central to many organizations and as such is seen as the catalyst for transforming organizations’ future prospects; virtualization of the x86 market has presented a plethora of new opportunities that IT departments must prioritize and harness if they are to drive the organization forward. Butler Group has identified three key opportunities that virtualization offers organizations wanting to operate effectively in the new global economy, and these can be categorized as: automation, flexibility, and business alignment. However, all of these need the technology to be managed effectively so that they can deliver against the promise. While many virtualization reports are focused on the reduction in Run The Business (RTB) costs enabled by increasing the utilization of the server estate, and by implication reducing the overall power consumption, we believe those benefits to be widely understood, and advocate that organizations to look beyond this use of virtualization towards how it and systems management can transform an organization’s modus operandi’ and hence its future prosperity. According to Datamonitor research 70% of the cost of running a data center is attributed to the people costs, and many research projects have found that on average 80% of all system outages are due to human error. Therefore, the ability to automate the delivery of services, the change process, and the dynamic use of resources represents a major opportunity for IT not only to reduce the RTB costs, but also to increase the service levels, enabling its end users to be more productive and innovative in how IT is used. Agility and flexibility are terms that have been used so often by technology vendors that their impact on CIOs has been eroded; however, where real agility can be delivered, and when it is combined with automation, organizations are transformed. While it is true to say that x86 virtualization enables agility, it is not correct to say that it equals agility. Butler Group considers the role of systems management as the ultimate tool that provides
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automating-virtualization-mgmt_202054 - White Paper...

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