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IT Executive CA’s Christopher O’Malley and Mainframe 2.0 Introduction Chris O’Malley, executive vice-president and general manager of CA’s mainframe business unit, wants to motivate inform- ation technology (IT) executives to start moving NOW to adopt graphically-driven mainframe management software. His reason for driving this agenda is that he believes that an age gap has developed in mainframe IT shops. According to O’Malley, “today’s mainframe manage- ment environments are largely comprised of individuals who are approaching retirement age. And as these individuals retire, a new generation of mainframe managers needs to be groomed to take their place”. As O’Malley sees it, “this new generation of mainframe managers does not want to manage mainframes using older, green screen programs and command-line interfaces. Instead, they want graphically-driven, highly-integrated software that has the same look-and-feel as the Mac and Windows products that they grew-up using”. To address this generational gap, under O’Malley’s leadership CA is aggressively modernizing its mainframe management software products focusing on graphically-enabling and integrating its leading products, as well as on logically organizing those products to simplify and automate mainframe management tasks. O’Malley’s has dubbed CA’s shift to graphically-driven mainframe management environments (as well as its improvements in installation methods and configuration) “Mainframe 2.0” and he is in the process of rolling out a series of products and services designed to help enterprises transition to a Mainframe 2.0 mainframe environment. In this article, Clabby Analytics (that’s me) shares the results of an interview recently conducted with Mr. O’Malley. During this interview, O’Malley described the opportunity ahead for CA (including the opportunity to significantly differentiate CA from other mainframe management tool providers) as well as the primary challenges that he faces as he drives his Mainframe 2.0 message to market. Meet Christopher O’Malley: Intense and Intent Interviewing CA’s Christopher O’Malley is kind of an intense experience. He knows exactly what he wants to achieve in the world of mainframe management and exactly
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CA’s Christopher O’Malley and Mainframe 2.0 May, 2009 © 2009 Clabby Analytics Page 2 how he wants to achieve his objective. He is focused; he knows what he wants; and he intends to aggressively pursue his objective. What O’Malley wants is for CA to graphically-enable and integrate its broad portfolio of mainframe management products such that CA’s mainframe management products become the products-of-choice for next generation mainframe managers. To achieve this goal, he has worked closely with his existing customer base to determine product requirements and preferences. He has taken these requirements and preferences to his development
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ca_christopher_omalley_and_mainframe_208154 - IT Executive...

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