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----------- © 2008 Ptak, Noel & Associates LLC ----------- Ptak, Noel & Associates LLC White Paper CA Resource Management Suites Address the Challenges of Optimizing the Online Mainframe Billions of eBusiness and supply-chain dollars depend on highly available, high performance mainframe applications and subsystems. Millions of people access and analyze petabytes of structured data stored in mainframe-based databases. Yet datacenter experts still rely on older, home-grown tools to aggregate and deliver critical system data to key management applications. Without timely and accurate system information, datacenter experts are hard pressed to optimize capacity utilization of these critical systems, resolve system issues and improve system cost effectiveness. This paper discusses why home-grown solutions have difficulty scaling to meet the new management challenges of online, highly-connected mainframes and outlines how CA‟s Resource Management Suites address these challenges to deliver specific business and IT benefits.
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CA Resource Management Suites Address the Challenges of Optimizing the Online Mainframe Page 1 ----------- © 2008 Ptak, Noel & Associates LLC ----------- Mainframe Innovation Drives New Datacenter Management Challenges Enterprises have long valued the high performance, availability and scalability aspects of mainframe systems able to process billions of dollars worth of transactions and efficiently provide access to petabytes of structured data. As enterprises are finding new ways to leverage those aspects towards fuelling continued growth and increased competitiveness, their mainframe workloads have grown in scale and complexity at rates that are raising the eyebrows of even the most ardent mainframe advocates. This growth is also creating new datacenter management challenges. As one operations manager at a community hospital put it, “As the volume and complexity of our mainframe workloads keeps growing, we need management tools that ensure our ability to keep pace—despite the resource constraints we face in IT.” A key aspect of keeping pace with the growing mainframe workload volumes and complexity involves transforming the sea of raw data captured by the operating system's System Management Facility (SMF) into information usable by datacenter experts through their management solutions. Simply put, datacenter staff cannot effectively manage enterprise resources without rapid access to accurate management data about the mainframe environment. However, the growing scale and complexity of enterprise mainframe systems and workloads has dramatically: Changed the volume of raw SMF data captured, Increased data processing efficiency requirements, Shrunk information availability timeframes, and Increased difficulties in managing the accuracy and integrity of archived SMF data. Let us examine how these changes came about and the impact they have on datacenter staff‟s
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ca_resource_management_suite_addresses - Ptak Noel...

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