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Reference Code: TA001543ITM Publication Date: December 2008 Author: Balachandar Ganesh and Sue Clarke CA – CA Service Catalog – r11.2 Published 12/2008 © Butler Group. This Technology Audit is a licensed product and is not to be photocopied Page 1 TECHNOLOGY AUDIT CA Service Catalog – r11.2 CA BUTLER GROUP VIEW ABSTRACT CA Service Catalog, an integral part of CA Service Level and Catalog Management (CA SLCM), is an enterprise solution which facilitates a better alignment of IT with the business by managing and providing a Web storefront where subscribers and requesters of IT and non-IT Services can go to select required service offerings. CA Service Catalog aligns with the company’s Unified Service Model which aims to provide a complete view into an organisation’s service support function by exposing the tools, assets, people, and processes involved; and by identifying their mutual relationships, and how they contribute to service delivery. The solution offers tight integration capabilities with complementary solutions from CA: namely, CA Service Desk, CA IT Asset Management, and CA Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Butler Group believes the integration capabilities with CA CMDB can enable organisations to perform change impact analysis by associating configuration items with service offerings. CA Service Catalog is underpinned by a common workflow engine and an Embedded Entitlements Manager that extends across all of the complementary solutions. The target market for the solution is mid- to large-sized organisations with 1,000+ employees looking to better align IT with the business. KEY FINDINGS Cost and financial analysis of IT assets aids budgeting and planning decisions. Historical reports generated by the analysis engine identify areas of SLA degradation. CMDB visualiser enables impact analysis of service offerings. Shares common workflow with complementary CA solutions. Facilitates monitoring of service levels in real time. Offers tight integration with CA Service Desk, CMDB and CA IT Asset Management. Licensing based on utilisation pricing model. Service Catalog is an important component of CA’s Service Management portfolio. LOOK AHEAD Planned enhancements for CA Service Catalog include further integration capabilities with CA CMDB, support for 64-bit SQL Server 2005, and enhanced integration with SLM solutions.
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TECHNOLOGY AUDIT FUNCTIONALITY Given the complex nature of the application portfolio, the underlying infrastructure assets, and the people and processes running them, most IT organisations would benefit from a unified view of all the assets that collectively deliver IT services. A clear understanding of how these IT assets are being used to support the business needs to be established along with the cost of providing these support functions. CA produced its Enterprise IT Management (EITM) Strategy in 2005 to tackle this very issue and realigned its tools and services in a bid to bridge the gap between IT and business. The company followed this up with a Unified Service Model in 2007 to complement its EITM vision of unifying and simplifying all aspects of Enterprise IT Management.
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ca_service_catalog_r11.2_197382 - Reference Code...

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