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IMPACT BRIEF | 1 ©2009 Enterprise Management Associates, Inc. All Rights Reserved. CA Spectrum ® Service Assurance Bridges Service Management Gap Abstract CA recently released a new product that represents their frst substantial Foray into truly integrated service management. CA Spectrum Service Assurance is a cap-stone oFFering that will draw operational metrics directly From CA’s suite oF well-established inFrastruc - ture management products, including CA eHealth PerFormance Manager, CA Spectrum InFrastructure Manager, CA Insight Database PerFormance Monitor (DPM), CA NSM, and CA Wily Application PerFormance Management (APM). The new product goes Further, by also directly integrating with CA Service Desk Manager and CA CMDB, and includes an SDK with APIs For integration with third-party management tools. Add an impressive set oF role-based dashboards, service modeling, and innovative quality and risk indicator Features, and the result is a compelling service management oFFering. Context ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES ® (EMA™) analysts have been closely tracking the steady progress that IT organizations are making toward service-centric man - agement practices. Commonly reFerred to as “integrated service management,” this is a trend that has implications that cross process, organizational, and technology domains. Many organizations are using ITIL as a Framework reFerence For this transition. Management technology vendors have been right in the middle oF this, oF course, and have been oFFering a variety oF approaches to help their customers along the way. Service man - agement product oFFerings have traditionally come From three directions or perspectives: Top-down: These products start with a defnition oF IT services, sometimes including a service catalog, and are oFten initiated within the service desk and/or a CMS/CMDB (Confguration Management System, or Confguration Management Database) project, Focusing on tracking service quality in ways that can be readily used by the Front lines oF IT support – those who are closest to the IT end users. Note that CMS/CMDB projects commonly include application (or service) dependency mapping elements so that relationships between service delivery components are recognized and captured. Bottom-up: This category oF solutions starts with a strong understanding oF the technology components that make up the service delivery inFrastructure, and identifes common threads across monitored metrics which can be rolled up into service quality indicators. These solutions are commonly driven by the engineering and operations teams who desire to imbue their eFForts with more business
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ema-service-assurance-analysis_204682 - CA Spectrum Service...

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