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----------- © 2008 Ptak, Noel & Associates LLC ----------- Ptak, Noel & Associates LLC White Paper Leveraging CA Datacom™ Improves Business Performance Existing enterprise technologies such as CA Datacom are often processing workhorses supporting current revenue streams and delivering high-performance operational benefits to their organizations. Yet these technologies must also prosper within rapidly changing datacenter environments which are populated with dynamic applications, new software architectures and innovative business projects. While Ptak, Noel & Associates advocates enterprise innovation that embraces and extends valuable existing technology, the suppliers of that technology must be committed to sustaining the solution‟s competitive advantages and simplifying its participation in innovative business projects. This paper discusses CA‟s commitment to improving the business value of CA Datacom through continued investment to sustain the solution‟s performance and availability advantages and the benefits of leveraging CA Datacom‟s advantages in innovative software projects.
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Leveraging CA Datacom Improves Business Performance Page 1 ----------- © 2008 Ptak, Noel & Associates LLC ----------- Improving Business Performance Requires Technology Commitments The rapid achievement of business goals has always been the fundamental driver of enterprise technology spending. Today‟s business markets and industry trends are more dynamic and changeable than ever before. As a result, how enterprises use technology to increase competitiveness and improve business performance is also undergoing dramatic changes. This leads to intense pressure for computing hardware and software to adapt to new business requirements and economic realities. Rising global competition, for example, drives the need for rapid business innovation, increasingly flexible business processes and rapid analysis of vast amounts of customer data. In response, enterprises are changing their datacenters by including new web-based applications that can be rapidly developed, quickly changed and more flexibly integrated with widely varying data sources. Another example is enterprise response to the rapidly rising cost of power. This is of particular concern for companies in densely populated areas where there is limited ability to upgrade existing power delivery systems. These enterprises are evaluating their processing workloads and platforms with power consumption in mind. Applying new technologies to these enterprise concerns are widely discussed, and often hotly debated, by technology media and vendors. Yet this focused attention is often seen as being at odds with maintaining proven technologies, such as CA Datacom, that support and sustain current enterprise operations. Enterprise technology executives are well aware that existing solutions cannot improve business
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leveraging_ca_datacom_improves_business - Ptak, Noel &...

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