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----------- © 2008 Ptak, Noel & Associates LLC ----------- Ptak, Noel & Associates LLC White Paper Meeting Performance Management Challenges with CA Mainframe Performance Management Suite The new reality of mainframe systems, as an increasingly active participant in cross-platform business processes and services, creates new challenges for mainframe performance management experts. The core best practices for proactive mainframe performance management have not changed. Operations staff must still analyze problem root-causes, determine early indicators of those problems to automate problem identification and response, and prevent problems by allocating workload resources based on performance data analysis. However, business processes and services complexity and rate of change have increased dramatically over the last decade, which has pushed many mainframe professionals into a reactive management mode. This paper discusses how increased datacenter complexity and dynamism amplify the difficulties in applying proactive performance management practices. It then outlines how CA Mainframe Performance Management Suite helps datacenter professionals leverage their experience more effectively to maintain the high levels of performance enterprises expect from their mainframe environments.
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Meeting Performance Management Challenges with CA Mainframe Performance Management Suite Page 1 ----------- © 2008 Ptak, Noel & Associates LLC ----------- Introduction: The New Mainframe Performance Management Challenges Transactional performance and data serving responsiveness of mainframe platforms are mainstays of countless enterprise processes, as such performance management processes for these platforms are well known and the best practices are well established. However, applying those performance management best practices to today‟s mainframe environments is becoming increasingly difficult because the rate of change and the complexity of datacenter applications and transactions have ramped up dramatically. Complexity continues to rise because more mission-critical enterprise services and processes are delivered by cross-platform applications and data. Tiered web applications, service oriented architectures, and standards-based integration adapters dramatically simplify reuse of mainframe resources for innovative business models and services. When mainframe transactional systems and databases are leveraged in innovative ways, its workloads are initiated more frequently from a wider range of clients. Those clients use a variety of integration mechanisms and typically support multiple business processes or services (Figure 1). End-to-end performance of those processes or services depends on both the performance of individual technologies and the streamlined interaction of these technologies. As a result, enterprises are recognizing that „siloed‟ performance management, where technical staff is focused entirely and separately on different platforms and/or different mainframe subsystems, will not
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meeting_performance_management - Ptak Noel Associates LLC...

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