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MENG 3210 - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING LAB I - MIDTERM EXAM ODD NAME: ____________WESLEY RITCHIE___________________________ For all questions, show all your work, and clearly mark your answer. Be sure your answers have correct units. Staple any graphs and answer sheets together and submit them as instructed. 1) The following six fluid measurements (gallons) are made for a 12 gallon gasoline fuel cell: 11.96, 11.92, 11.94, 11.95, 11.94, 11.99. Determine: the Systematic Error____-.05 GALLONS___________ The Random Error ____.04___________ associated with these measurements. 2) A device converts a pressure into a linear displacement. The input span is 200 psi; the ideal sensitivity is 0.1 in./psi; the actual sensitivity is 0.105 in/psi Determine: The Ideal Output Span ________20 IN____________ The Actual Output Span ________21 IN___________ The Output Span Percent Error _____5%_________ 3) A first order system response to a step input is described by the equation x(t) = K(1 - e -t/ τ
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Unformatted text preview: ). If the system at t = 0 has a value of 100 and the final value is 75, what will the system value after a period of time equal to 3.5 time constants have passed (t = 3.5 τ )? ______96.98_____________ 4) The following data was obtained when measuring the length of a widget (in inches): 49.3, 50.1, 48.9, 49.2, 49.3, 50.5, 49.9, 49.1, 49.8, 50.2 Calculate the mean, ____49.63__in_______ Mode, _______49.3______ Sample standard deviation ______.53965_in______ 5) A first order system response to a step input of size K is described by the equation x(t) = K(1 - e-t/ τ ) What percentage of the final value will be reached after a period of time equal to 3 time constants has passed? ____28.34%________ 6) A pressure measurement is made 100 times. The mean value is 68.32 psi and the standard deviation is 0.1 psi. Assuming a normal distribution for error in the measurement, how many readings fall within 0.25 psi of the mean? ______________98__________________...
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