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hw 3 - Δ i L b Determine the inductance L with which Δ i...

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1 + v d v a v b v c − + I d D 1 D 2 D 4 D 5 D 3 D 6 N P − + − + EPOW/ECSE-4080 Semiconductor Power Electronics Homework #3 Due Date: Monday, 10/1/07 1. (15%) A single-phase load is supplied with the following input voltage and current: t t v π 360 sin 5 π 120 sin 160 + = V, ( ) t t t i π 1320 sin 2 . 0 π 360 sin 5 . 0 10 π 120 sin 5 + + ° = A. Calculate the input power factor of the circuit. 2. (15%) An ac adapter is made of a transformer, a full-wave rectifier, and a capacitor for output filtering. The adapter is required to produce 12V average output for a load which can be represented by a 10 Ω resistor. The input voltage is t v π 120 sin 160 = V. a) Select the transformer turns ratio such that the average output voltage is 12V b) Select the filter capacitance such that the peak-peak output ripple voltage is less than 0.5V 3. (20%) Consider a full-wave single-phase rectifier with LC output filter. Use the approximation method outlined on slide #11 of the lecture notes (“Single-Phase Bridge Rectifier”) to: a) Derive a closed-form expression for the inductor peak-peak ripple current
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Unformatted text preview: Δ i L b) Determine the inductance L with which Δ i L will be equal to twice the average of the inductor current. Express your answer in terms of the load resistance and the source voltage (Hint: Ignore output voltage ripple and consider charge balance of the output capacitor.) 4. (15%) Textbook Problem 4.6 5. (15%) Textbook Problem 4.15 6. (20%) Consider a three-phase rectifier with inductive load, as shown below. The inductor is assumed to be large such that the load can be modeled by a constant current, I d . The three-phase source voltages are balanced, with ) sin( 1 t V v a ω = . Assume now that diode D 2 has failed open (i.e., D 2 never conducts). a) Draw the waveform for the following voltages: i) Between point P and the ground ii) Between point N and the ground iii) v d b) Calculate the average output voltage, < v d >....
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