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CMPT 307 Midterm Test Some Day, 2009 This is a sample! Last Name First Name and Initials Student No. NO AIDS allowed. Answer ALL questions on the test paper. Use backs of sheets for scratch work. Total Marks: 100 1. What running times of the insertion sot, heap sort, quick sort, and bucket sort are? [5] 2. Describe how the Radix Sort works. [27] 3. What is the running time of Quicksort whe all elements of array
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Unformatted text preview: A have the same value? [27] 4. What are the two ways to resolve collisions when constructing a hash table? [14] 5. Suppose that you have a black box worst-case linear time median sub-routing. Give a simple, linear time algorithm that solves the selection problem for an arbitrary order statistics. [27]...
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