Syllabus - MCB 124 Macromolecular Structure and Function...

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MCB 124 Macromolecular Structure and Function Fall 2009 Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 5:10-7:00 PM Room: 3 Kleiber Website: CRN: 29787 Instructor: Enoch Baldwin Office hours: Tuesday/Thursday 11 AM - noon in 4B Briggs Hall Contact: [email protected] (use this for routine contact but for lengthy questions, make an appointment) Phone: 752-1108 (please do not use this unless it is an emergency) Teaching Assistants: Roger Jesinghaus Office hours: Monday 1-2 PM/Thursday 2-3 PM Room 3061 LSB Email: [email protected] Vu Trinh Office hours: Monday/Wednesday 12-1 PM, Room 3061 LSB Email: [email protected] Purpose: To develop an in-depth understanding of how polypeptide and nucleic acid structure, physical properties, and biochemistry specify function, while covering some of the experimental approaches to studying these problems. Protein machines carry out the complex processes that define "life" by having defined 3-D structures and finely-tuned conformational equilibria. We will explore how the genetic code is translated into protein structures and how these structures in turn exert their individual functions. We will also examine nucleic acid structures, which although "simpler", are goverened by principles that both overlap those of proteins and are unique to themselves. In the first part of the course, we will review the physical properties of amino acids, nucleotides, proteins, DNA and RNA and the relavant interatomic forces that govern their solution structures. We will dissect their 3-D structures briefly discuss the major methods for determining and predicting them. In the second part, we will examine the biophysical-chemical basis of how the 3-D "fold" of
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This note was uploaded on 11/19/2009 for the course MCB 124 taught by Professor Baldwin during the Spring '09 term at UC Davis.

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Syllabus - MCB 124 Macromolecular Structure and Function...

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