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ARE 100b Mt 1 sample

ARE 100b Mt 1 sample - ARE 100B M Whitney FIRST M IDTERM S...

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ARE 100B M. Whitney FIRST MIDTERM N~E: ______________________________ __ This exam has two sections. Section A consists of 10 multiple-choice questions, each worth 10 points. Total possible points in Section A = 100. Spring 2008 Section B consists of 5 problems each worth 30 points. Partial credit is given for correct approach even if final answer is incorrect, so show your work! Total possible points in Section B = 150. Total points in this exam: 250 (25% of total grade)
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Section A 1. Shennan is a marketing analyst for a movie theater chain. He estimates that students have a price elasticity of demand for movies of -4, while other customers' price elasticity of demand is -2. Marginal costs are the same for each type of customer. What policy should he recommend to improve the theater's profits? a. Students should receive a 25% discount. b. Students should receive a 33% discount. c. Students should receive a 50% discount. d. Students should receive a 75% discount. 2. A multiplant monopolist owns two factories, with cost functions:. TC I = 100 + 30*q, + 2q/ TC 2 = 100+ 20*~ + ~2 Suppose you observe that both plants are operating. What does this imply? b. 3. What is the main source of market power for leading firms in the pharmaceuticaJ (drug) industry?
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