Exam 1 Short Essay Answers

Exam 1 Short Essay Answers - What is abnormal behavior? How...

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What is abnormal behavior? How is it distinguished from normal behavior? - Defined 3 ways: o Conceptual: If behavior deviates from the norm. o Practical: If the behavior causes discomfort (like prolonged emotional reactions) o Integrated: Behavior that deviates from the norm based on the judgment of the individual, society, and medical professional - Distinguished from normal behavior in that it deviates from culturally accepted behavior and harms the individual or others. What do panic attacks, depersonalization, and obsessions have in common? - They are normative, in that any individual may experience a little of the symptoms associated with the disorder. - Anxiety is involved or associated - Can originate during adolescents Describe the DSM. (What is it? Who uses it? What is it used for? How is it developed?) - Diagnostic and statistical manual used to diagnose mental disorders. - Used by psychologists, psychiatrists, and anybody in the mental health field to standardize diagnosis - Categorical - Multi-axial - Developed by a board of psychologists who create the criteria based on accumulating research on psychopathlogy and diagnosis In addition to symptom criteria, what other criteria must be met in order to warrant a DSM diagnosis? - Age - Symptoms from pre-existing medical conditions - Length of experiencing the symptoms What is the biopsychosocial model, and how does this model assist with the conceptualization of abnormal behavior? - Model that states that biological, psychological, and social factors all play a significant role in human functioning in context of a disorder/illness. - Gives better understanding as to the etiology of abnormal disorders, which will help in tx of it. In integrative definitions of abnormality, three perspectives are considered. What are these three perspectives? - Society - Individual - Mental health Professional - All three may use a different criterion to judge what is abnormal; prevents imposing a single criterion to define a behavior
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When these perspectives disagree, what considerations go into deciding which perspective should prevail? -
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Exam 1 Short Essay Answers - What is abnormal behavior? How...

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