review2 - Substances Date rape rohypnol SSRIs are not...

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Substances Date rape: rohypnol SSRIs are not consciousness-altering psychoactive substances. Test Review MC Questions Why is X more dangerous than other depressants o Only one that is physically addictive o One of two that can cause OD o Has both stimulant and hallucinogenic properties Why crack more dangerous than powder coke o More addictive o More potent than cocaine, but the effects last shorter Causes users to use more frequently Stronger stimulant than cocaine which increases risk of OD and cardiac arrest o Cheap o Users are less educated Why is it dangerous to mix CNS depressants? o Synergistic effect o Acting together increases potency o Mix of chemical rxns in the body o CNS will have a hard time compensating for each depressive effect Contribution of positive psychology to the tx and prevention of psychophysiological illnesses o Optimism can be changed o Coping can be increased and stress can be decreased by focusing o Build optimism increases self-efficacy Ways psychological factors influence physiological conditions o Physiological dependent is the same as being addicted o Withdrawal o tolerance what does reducing and coping with stress do with sick patients o beefs up the immune system o promotes T-Cell growth and functioning problem focused coping vs emotion focused coping o what it is and example of each general adaptation syndrome pops up a cpl times know the specific psychological factors that increase the risk of developing asthma and heart attack o asthma stress negative family situations
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emotional arousal air born pollutants and allergens o Heart attack Anger Pessimism Depression Obesity Smoking Hypertension exercising be careful about extreme words like never, always watch out for words typically, often (may be true) Why are programs like DARE terrible? (reasons) o Doesn’t work o Legal issue, interferes with health interference Alcohol: expectancy effect influences how intoxicated you will be and act and how much you drink. o If youll drink more or less if you know how much alcohol in your drink depends if youre an alcoholic. (normal ppl will drink less if they know theres a lot of alcohol) 2 case stories related to cancer o How does hope effect survival o When is hope good or bad Potential drawbacks of chronic weed use o Memory impairment o Poor sense of time o REM deprivation o Motivational effects What I can do to be well* If a stressor is threatening is not as important as if you perceive it as threatinging o It’s the activation of the stress response that’s important Basic criteria of diagnosing psychphysiological disorderes o Same thing as psychosomatic disorder T-cells in thymus gland (double check) o Kills cancer cells What can aerobic exercise can do for you Recurrent abdominal pain (psychophysiological illness?) o Yes it is o Most patients with RAP benefit from reassurance and techniques to manage
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review2 - Substances Date rape rohypnol SSRIs are not...

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