The Greedy Dog - SCORE Mathematics Standards Connections...

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SCORE Mathematics Standards Connections The Greedy Dog Craig Habib Number sense lesson for K - 1: The dog is very greedy and is eating all of his food! He is eating some kinds of food more than others. Children will compare the total number of each food item to see which type of food the dog ate more of and which the dog ate less of. This lesson is an introduction to the concepts of more than/less than. The lesson includes a whole class activity in which the children will be representing the number of items that the dog ate and also a worksheet activity. The children will also gain some experience with using a graph. Objective: Upon successful completion of this lesson, the children will recognize the relationships of more than and less than with small numbers. This lesson begins to develop California State Number Sense standard 1.2 for first grade. Evaluation: When children correctly identify the more/less relationships between the food items and also describe the relationships to the teacher and the class, it will be clear that they have met the objective. Prior Knowledge: Children will need some background knowledge about dogs, what they eat, and the word "greedy." Basic counting will also be necessary. The children will only need basic number sense.
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The Greedy Dog - SCORE Mathematics Standards Connections...

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